LIU Jianping,FU Liwu,HAO Jianbin,et al.Application and technology of earthquake monitoring and early-warning for long-distance oil and gas pipeline[J].,2010,(02):176-181.





Application and technology of earthquake monitoring and early-warning for long-distance oil and gas pipeline
刘建平1 付立武2 郝建斌1 詹美萍3
1. 中国石油天然气集团公司油气储运重点实验室, 河北 廊坊 065000;
2. 中国石油天然气与管道分公司, 北京 100007;
3. 中国石油华北油田采油四厂, 河北 廊坊 065000
LIU Jianping1 FU Liwu2 HAO Jianbin1 ZHAN Meiping3
1. Key Laboratory for Oil and Gas Transportation of CNPC, Langfang 065000, China;
2. Petro China Natural Gas Pipeline Company, Beijing 100007, China;
3. The No.4 Oil Production Factory of Huabei Oil Field of Petro China, Langfang 065000, China
oil and gas pipelineearthquakemonitoringearly-warningcase study
In the recent four decades of oil and gas pipeline industry,strong earthquakes have caused numerous pipeline failures.The aim of earthquake monitoring and early-warning for long-distance oil and gas pipelines is not for forecasting earthquake,but for rapid reporting post-earthquake information,which provide emergency decisions and rescue plans for pipeline engineering after earthquakes.Some typical applications of earthquake monitoring and early-warning system on the pipelines of Trans-Alaska,Jining,Tokyo Gas are introduced respectively.Technologies in terms of hardware and software of the earthquake monitoring and early-warning system are also analyzed.Technologies of the hardware include vibrating parameters monitoring,fault displacement monitoring,pipeline leak monitoring and data transmission.Technologies of the software include vibrating parameters processing,auto alarming,as well as situation assessing and pipeline repairing consultation.


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