FANG Hao,DUAN Xuefeng,WANG Yongzhi,et al.Research and prospect of preparation technique for centrifugal pluviation model[J].,2018,34(04):060-66.





Research and prospect of preparation technique for centrifugal pluviation model
方浩 段雪锋 王永志 王海 袁晓铭 王体强
中国地震局工程力学研究所 地震工程与工程振动重点实验室, 哈尔滨 150080
FANG Hao DUAN Xuefeng WANG Yongzhi WANG Hai YUAN Xiaoming WANG Tiqiang
Key Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration, Harbin 150080, China
centrifugal model testpreparation techniquepluviationrelative densityspatial uniformity
The pluviation method is a widely used model preparation technique for the centrifugal test of sandy soil layers and structures. The degree of compaction and uniformity are the key control objects and are directly related to the accuracy and reliability of the test results. Based on the pluviation device, control elements, uniformity test, and other aspects, the research progress and key problems of preparation technique of centrifugal pluviation model at home and abroad, and the structural composition, control characteristics and basic classification of existing pluviation devices were summarized, and the range of steady-state compactness and the key factors were expounded. The advantages and disadvantages and normalization evaluation criteria of different measurement and evaluation methods of spatial uniformity model were reviewed. Based on the current status and shortcomings, the development direction and trend of preparation technology of centrifugal pluviation model were discussed.


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